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Website Review: Practicing Perfection Institute Related Resources
I discovered a human performance website today that's primarily directed to organizational management, and to HR and training departments, but I think anyone can benefit from it.  I think the message it has, the systems described there and the products it offers could be adapted even for kids.  It's all about reducing human error.  And it has some knock-your-socks-off products for helping you to do so.  If you don't want to buy anything, there's plenty to read on line and a free newsletter.

I am impressed with one of their products that you can actually preview on line, free.  It's called Practicing Perfection® Error Elimination Tools.  And when they call it a handbook, they mean it literally -- it fits in the palm of your hand.  It is the version that is meant for the individual worker.  It takes you step by step through the process of error-proofing your work, at every stage of the work process, no matter what work that might be.  It helps you to learn, at every step, how errors might enter the process and what kinds of errors could occur.  It tells you how to prevent error in each instance.

The processes of error prevention taught at this site were originally developed for work where the consequences of error are tragic and frightening -- the nuclear power industry.  The developer of the techniques has also applied them to specific other fields: medicine, transportation,  health and safety and manufacturing,  So, you can see, the techniques have had to be very carefully thought out and tested.

For management and trainers, there's an expanded version of the Error Elimination Tools "handbook" that goes deeper into how and why it works. After I previewed the little handbook, I bought myself a copy of that expanded version.  It's called Tools Handbook User's Guide.  I liked that I could download it immediately.  It is an excellent example of what training materials should be.  I also liked that all of the products offered are very reasonably priced!

Human Resources professionals, go see this site. It will help improve employee performance.
Trainers, go see this site.  The materials are a model for how to train.
Business owners, go see this site.  It can increase both customer and employee satisfaction, reduce expenses and positively impact your profits.
Employees, go see this site.  The materials can give you a performance edge.  You can train yourself, if your organization doesn't do it.

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