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The Pursuit of Happiness or What Life is All About
By Walter H Groth

During the last half of the year, life was “right in my face” teaching me some truly valuable lessons. While contemplating lately what had “happened” and whether it was a “not so desirable” experience, I could suddenly see the lessons and that it was all good and in perfect alignment of what I wanted deep inside myself.

If there is one thing I am absolutely convinced of, then it is that we do create our life, every bit of it, and we are fully responsible for the outcome of the choices we make. Our “problem” is that we make our choices mostly in the unconscious level, not being aware what kind of stuff we are attracting into our life. And yet it is in perfect alignment with our inner state of beingness.

We are repeating the old and so well-learned patterns over and over again. And even if we are aware of many of these old patterns and habits, we still live them. It is our mindset that is having us constantly looking into the past and searching for familiar processes, which at some point worked for us. Then those are “pulled up” and adapted to our current situation…however, what once worked in the past often doesn’t work now and gets us into trouble.

We are constantly second guessing ourselves, and as if this would not be enough, we are also asking others for their advice and we usually get it…and don’t like it. And again, we buy into the illusion that the advice of the “experts” around us would certainly serve us, thus living up to the expectation of others and giving up on our own life. The funny side-note here is that most people couldn’t care less what we are going to do…it is us who create that thought of what others might expect…it all happens in our mind and has nothing to do with reality.

Then we discover that what we really want is being happy. And we might even get to the realization that happiness doesn’t come from the outside but rather is a state of being. Even though our brilliant mind is telling us that this is all true, we first must deal with the bills, waiting for the weekend, or even waiting for retirement to truly be happy. This way, we are like the donkey having the carrot hanging in front of him and never being able to reach it.

“Life is happening to us, while we are busy doing other things!” John Lennon phrased so eloquently. Many of us want to become “important” in life, want to be recognized, or want to be millionaires, and as long we are feeling that we aren’t there yet, we are running in the hamster wheel, in pursuit of happiness. Happiness is here already for the taking, happiness is not a destination, happiness is the journey…is your state of being. We choose whether we are happy in a given moment and just experience life as it is right now, and believe me, I know for sure how difficult that is…however I am getting better and better at it.

We believe that we have to do it all by ourselves, we believe in the concept of the “Lone Ranger”, as a good friend of mine calls it. If we only woke up and saw that asking for help is the key…no need to doing it all alone. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Are you ready and do you dare to ask for help?

Walter H. Groth

Walter Groth founded the Institute for Life and Career Transition and True Life Purpose Education. We specialize in Teaching and Coaching Businesses and Individuals the Power of Personal Growth and how to leverage this with a “Life-Strategy” and down to earth steps and actions to take to reach your goals.
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