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My Reality Check Bounced
by Jason Ryan Dorsey
Review by C.S. Clarke,Ph.D.

My Reality Check Bounced is a practical, workable book of advice, written by a twenty-something for other twenty-somethings who are trying to develop a career and a life. The advice is given with all the contagious enthusiasm of the youth of the author, but its content is more in keeping with the writing of a seasoned, professional forty-something. Mr. Dorsey may have dropped out of college to pursue his dream, but he's still doing his homework. Like any good self-improvement text, his book appears to be a solid combination of reading, research and experience. I tend to be brief in reviewing, so I'll just say that if I used more words to describe his book, they would mostly be synonyms for "excellent." And I recommend it to anyone of any age who is still developing a career or business.

Using numerous interesting and compelling stories as a starting point, he applies critical analyses to the issues typically facing young careerists. He then models problem-solving skills and provides clear how-to's for dealing with those issues. The essentials he covers include self-motivation, self-confidence, networking, relationship-building, critical thinking, work-life balance, effective communication, freedom of choice and overcoming excuses, fear and indecisiveness -- and more.

Dorsey's style is bright and upbeat; the book is easy and fun to read, inspiring, and the stories are so real and engaging that you won't want to put the book down until you're finished.


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