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Resourcefulness Opens Unlimited Doors
by Bonnie Ross-Parker

How often have you asked someone for a reference? How often has someone else asked you for a recommendation? Being resourceful and top of mind to others who recognize that you have the gift of giving is a valuable asset to have, especially in the business world. Call to mind individuals that are reliable and resourceful. Hopefully, others see you in that same positive light.

So, what are some of the specific ways you can be a "go to" person? What are some of the behaviors you can implement immediately to set you apart and to further enhance your credibility?

1. Consider sending invites to events to individuals with whom you wish to stay connected.
2. Offer to make introductions to people you meet that can benefit from meeting people you know.
3. If you read about something that can be of value to someone, share the information.
4. Maintain a dynamite rolodex of contacts and what they offer. Let others know that when they have a need for a product or service, you'd love to help them connect with the right person. Start now.
5. Being resourceful is a strong quality to have. Individuals you help will often want to help you in return. People love to help others.
6. It's easy to "cash in on a favor" when you've helped someone else.
7. Do the unexpected!

There will always be an endless number of people clamoring for business, attention and their share of the marketplace. Developing the proper skills will reap huge rewards over time. No doubt you can make sales and establish lasting relationships without going through the ideas I've suggested. Every now and then business will "fall in your lap."

The reality is that to ensure your long term goals and to foster your sustainability in a competitive arena, it certainly is worth taking time to network differently. One of the most effective ways to be remembered by the individuals you meet through any networking arena is to be resourceful. Look for specific ways to stay connected to specific associates you meet by noting what you can do in the future that will give others a reason to stay connected to you. Go for what you want and remember, people will do business with people they like and with people they trust. In any competitive arena, being recognized as a resourceful business person will undoubtedly differentiate you from others who offer similar products/services. Implement these simple steps and reap substantial rewards for doing so. What have you got to lose? What might you gain? Test the waters. Apply what works for you. Start now.

Bonnie Ross-Parker may be contacted at

Bonnie Ross-Parker is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, speaker and author. She's passionate about sharing strategies on effective connectng for effective results. Bonnie, a.k.a. "America's Connection Diva", delivers customized keynotes and workshops especially in the direct selling/network marketing industries. Learn more about her business networking organization for women, The Joy of Connecting



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