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10 Steps for Creating a Money-Making Sales Page
by Jessica Swanson

As a passionate small business owner, you are proud of your product or service. You've undoubtedly poured an immense amount of valuable time and energy creating it, and you couldn't be prouder unless you had actually given birth to it. (And, let's face it, sometimes you do feel like your small business is as precious and time-consuming as your own child.)

So, now you're ready to show your prized possession to the world.

But, there's one gigantic problem. Once your prospects encounter your product or service, how can you convince them that your product is as wonderful and amazing as you know it is?

Not to worry. It's called a sales page and if you can count to ten, you can create one. A profitable sales page simply follows a formula.

So here it is: your 10-step formula for creating a sales letter that will make you money:

1. Create a compelling headline.

Your headline is the most important component of your sales page. Your headline has about three seconds to capture your prospect's attention and keep them reading. In order to accomplish this, your headline should use large, colored font and summarize clearly and succinctly the greatest benefit your prospect will gain from your product or service.

2. Build an introduction.

Your introduction should pinpoint a particularly pressing problem that your prospect is facing and clearly explain why it's imperative that they find a solution. Appeal to your reader's emotions by again revealing to them how their life will improve once they have purchased your product or service.

3. Establish credibility.

Skepticism, uncertainty and distrust are all natural responses from online prospects. Therefore, it's imperative that you establish credibility and trust in order to convince your readers that you have the expertise to help them. To build credibility:

- Explain to your prospects how your particular expertise relates to your product or service.

- Use specific numbers rather than generalizations.

- Include your own personal struggle and how you were able to overcome it through the theory behind your product or service.

4. Highlight the main benefits.

Use a list of bullets to recap the benefits of purchasing your product or service. Bullets are a reader's best friend simply because they are easy to scan and outline the pertinent information about your product or service.

5.Use testimonials.

Testimonials build trust and offer social proof that others have experienced success through your product or service. It's important to make sure that your testimonials are believable by providing a photo, full name, location and website URL.

6. Add bonuses.

Bonuses add additional value to your product or service. Your reader should already be swayed by your offer, but the bonus should push them over the top. The good news is that your bonus doesn't need to be costly. It can be a quick start guide, tutorial or downloadable ebook. In addition, attach a specific value to your bonus in order to drive up the overall value of the purchase.

7. Provide a rock-solid guarantee.

Don't be afraid to offer an iron-clad guarantee. It's critical that your prospect feels safe, and a strong guarantee can help eliminate the feelings of skepticism, uncertainty and distrust. Your guarantee should remove any sense of risk associated with the purchase.

8. Validate your price.

Your prospects need to understand that they are receiving maximum value at minimum cost. You might compare it to similar products or services that are more expensive, recap how their life will change for the better and outline everything that they will receive for an unbeatable price.

9. Include a call to action.

By the end of your sales page, it's important to ask for the sale and tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do. Provide clear, specific instructions on how your prospect can purchase your product. In addition, summarize the benefits your prospect will receive, your iron-clad guarantee and why it's important that they act immediately.

10. Add a P.S.

Most prospects will read a P.S. before they read the rest of the sales page, so take time to include a strong P.S. with an additional call to action. Your ultimate goal of your P.S. is to sum up the main benefit of your offer, reiterate your guarantee and include an additional call to action.

So, the next time you sit down to write a sales page, follow this 10-step template, because a money-making sales page is worth its weight in gold.

Jessica Swanson may be contacted at

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