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Should You Use Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights? Part 1

by C.S. Clarke,Ph.D.

Introduction: What are Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, and Master Resale Rights? Why and how would you use them? What are the problems and pitfalls of using them?

Since their beginnings, there has been a controversy over whether website publishers should or shouldn't use PLR, RR or MRR for content, product development or marketing.

Despite the controversy, web publishers and marketers are gleefully using such content in a wide variety of ways in hopes of developing readership or making profitable sales.

The most common uses include:

• article content for websites
• article marketing
• reselling for $
• bonuses with paid products
• giveaways to induce you to subscribe to a mailing list
• freebies in joint venture events to get subscribers
• packaged with other PLR RR and/or MRR for sale
• re-purposed as email or online courses
• re-purposed as audio or video products
• …and more


Private Label Rights to books and articles, come with licenses to use the material in ways to make it your own. The rights usually include being able to claim authorship of the material as it is, publish it, as is, in any form, and edit it or completely rewrite it.

Resale Rights are, as their name suggests, the rights to resell the materials and keep all the profits. The rights sometimes, but not always, include being able to put your name on the product or being able to put your own affiliate links with in the product. Usually, you cannot edit the material. Often you may not give it away for free, except as a bonus in a paid package.

Master Resale Rights offer a license to resell the product as well as to pass on the resale right to other vendors. What you or your resellers can do with the product are the same as standard Resale Rights mentioned above. Master Resale rights usually cost more than standard Resale Rights.

(This is just a quick summary. If you decide to use PLR, RR, or MRR, you should read the license details before you buy any of them.)

Built-in Problems:

Such licensed products are similar to having a ghostwriter or ghostwriting service create written content for you. However, the content in this case is not created for your needs in particular and is not offered to you exclusively. Thus, the content tends to be bland and generic, at best. And it is distributed to a large number of other publishers.

So, the same PLR article you publish on your site might be published on fifty other sites. The ebook you want to resell might be offered on a hundred other sites -- for a lower price. The ebook you want to use for a bonus in your own product offer may be something your potential buyer has seen in -- or downloaded with -- several other marketers' offers.

You can see that there are problems built in to the system.


The usual advice for PLR is a simple solution: Rewrite it in your own words. The folks who advise this solution say that it's easier to rewrite than write from scratch because the research is already done and there's a structure in place.

That solution works a great deal of the time. Assuming you start with pretty good PLR. And make sure that the originator guarantees a limited original distribution.

The solution to the RR and MRR products is pretty simple as well. Buy a good product, from a trusted source. Something you'd be pleased to receive as a bonus yourself.

More Problems:

Another major problem with PLR, RR and MRR is not as easily solved. The problem is that most of that content is c®@p.

Not only is most PLR, RR and MRR pretty bad, it's so bad that it can't be rewritten. It didn't make sense in the first place.

You see, what many originators of the content do is make mashups of online articles that they don't understand in the first place. Then they run them through automated article spinners. And they come up with ebooks that look alright on the surface, but actually have nonsense chapters inside. They put them up with great looking cover graphics and excellent advertising and sell them to as many suckers as possible before they're discovered.

Buyers of PLR, RR and MRR ebooks compound the problem. They don't actually read the material they're passing on. They may glance at the table of contents and the first chapter to see if it looks right. Since the originators are smart enough to make a good TOC and a sensible first chapter, everything does seem o.k.

To make the problems worse, much PLR, RR and MRR are sold in bundles, by title. You don't know what you're getting. That's not even to mention that many bundles are offered as giveaways simply to get your name and email on the lists of unscrupulous marketers who just don't care what they are selling or giving away.

Even Greater Risks:

But, what makes PLR, RR and MRR particularly risky is that you can't be sure, especially with bundles, if the material you are receiving is legitimately licensed or not.

Much PLR, RR and MRR is simply unlawfully copied, along with the original license, and passed on to unsuspecting web publishers who have no idea that the licenses they've acquired are not legitimate and the material they republish or sell is stolen.

With all of these problems, you can understand why many, many web publishers scorn such content and warn others against it.

What Can Be Done:

However, there are numbers of "white hat" content developers who have found ways to use PLR, RR and MRR in creative, lawful ways that result in good website content. If you already have a bunch of this kind of material that you want to develop into first-class content of your own, it can be done.

You just have to be willing to do more work than you thought when you bought "ready-made" content.

If you don't already have any PLR, RR and MRR, you might want to avoid its pitfalls. But if you are game, join me for more about using this kind of content in Part 2 of this article.

[Please note that none of what I have written in this article should be construed as legal advice. I'm not a lawyer. I'm just passing on my research and experience. In all legal matters you should consult your own legal advisors.]


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