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Should You Use Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights? Part 2

by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

Are there "white hat" uses for PLR, RR and MMR? Yes. For some. As you saw in Part 1 of this article, there may be many problems and risks with using such content, but there are a few solutions. The solutions simply require you to work a great deal more than you originally anticipated.

You can even use the badly done material. Again, not in the way you originally anticipated when you purchased what you thought was an ebook or report you could just resell for a small profit. Or when you bought a pack of articles to put on your website as instant, pre-written content. And it all turned out to be electronic toilet paper.

I used to advise that you shouldn't use PLR, etc. at all. But three things changed my mind. First, someone I trusted recommended a PLR source that turned out to have good content. Then, that friend recommended a good ebook on rewriting PLR. And, finally, I read so many comments in so many websites from folks who were "stuck" with a load of material they couldn't use that I had to share what I had learned. I had learned that such content could be used in productive, time-saving and profitable ways.

Here are my tips:

1. Get the good PLR stuff from reputable vendors -- preferably originators. If you can't get the content from the original writer, get it from a vendor recommend by a trusted source. Then rewrite it to make it your own. Yes. It's more work. But it's what makes it valuable to your own readers and your site. Using PLR as is just duplicates material that is on a number of other sites. It's bad for your search engine rankings.

At the end of this article, I'm going to give you a link to a good ebook about rewriting PLR. In that book is a very short list of reputable PLR resources.

2. If you can, get PLR that is limited in its original distribution. Good originating sources often limit the number of ebooks, articles and article packets they sell. Then they require you to rewrite the material, and they don't license you to resell the PLR rights. That means the material you put up on your site has less competition. However, there are quality PLR sites that don't restrict you so much, so don't worry that the material isn't good. It's just that limited distribution is an advantage. And, naturally, there is no such thing as limited distribution of RR or MRR books. By their very nature, they are meant to be sold to as many people as possible.

3. Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights ebooks should be handled like a or other affiliate sale. Read the material first. Make sure it is valuable content. If you are a "white hat" marketer, you only promote products that you'd be willing to buy yourself. And you only give away bonus books that you know will add value to your own product. If the product doesn't represent a good value, discard it or put it aside to rewrite.

4. That's right. You can rewrite the RR and MRR stuff too -- as long as you rewrite it completely. Just use it as model for your own work. That is, the subject, niche, title are all sellers. You bought it because it looked like a seller. Someone sold it to you. It's already formatted/structured.

Re-write the title to make it yours and make it better. It may be true that you can't copyright a title, but if you're rewriting a bad book, you want a new, similar title so that your work isn't confused with the bad one. Use chapter titles to stimulate your own ideas. Rework the subject matter from your own unique viewpoint. Just use the same topics and subtopics, in a similar structure, but with a different slant.

Be careful. You don't want to plagiarize. Use your own words. Be creative in expressing you own concepts. You just want to use the book to help structure your own. You want to cover the same material. For example, you might cover the subject of motivation, just as the bad author did. And you want to include the basics that anyone would cover in the subject. But you want to be clearly different and better in your presentation of the material.

To make sure you are really creating your own new work, use an anti-plagiarism tool like Copyscape to compare the two. Yes, you'll have to pay a small fee to Copyscape Premium. The free service doesn't cover it.

5. Use the material to help you break through "stuckness" like writer's block. I remember a friend commenting that his take on bad PLR was that "It's so bad that when I look at it I think that even on my worst writing day, I could do something way better than that. So, I sit down and do something way better than that."

You can see that you have some pretty good options if you want to use that supply of "ready-made" content on your hard drive. Or if you are interested in getting started with the benefits of PLR, RR and MRR. Now, let me give you the link to that ebook I recommend on rewriting. The one that also has a starter list of a few good PLR sources. And, no, it's not an affiliate link. Just a recommended resource.

Go get "How to Rewrite PLR" at It's by Peggy Baron of It will save you lots of time and make it possible for you to use PLR effectively.

[Please note that none of what I have written in this article should be construed as legal advice. I'm not a lawyer. I'm just passing on my research and experience. In all legal matters you should consult your own legal advisors.]


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