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Stop Selling and Start Teaching!
by Jessica Swanson

The other day I walked into a local furniture store and three salespeople almost knocked each other over trying to get to me first.

The lucky winner who did manage to reach me, took my arm and said slickly, "I'm Stan, you just tell me what you're looking for sweetheart."

Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of the "sweetheart" phrase, I smiled, "Oh, I'm just looking . . . ." But, I could tell that Stan would not be shut down so easily.

Stan gave my arm a squeeze and winked at me, "Let me show you around the store, honey." I immediately stiffened because I hate when people try and "sell me" (and "honey" is not my favorite either). Despite the fact that Stan viewed me as a "honey sweetheart," I needed to get out of that store ASAP!

Believe me, I am not the only one who hates to be sold. As humans, we want to feel that we are in control of our choices and of making our own decisions. We don't like to be "talked into" anything. And we certainly don't like when we feel that someone is trying to force us to spend our hard-earned money! We want to decide when and what we spend our money on.

However, even though most people hate the idea of selling, something very strange happens to them as soon as they start their own company. They become full-fledged, 100%, tried and true "sales people." How in the world does this happen? It's pretty simple.

Most people don't know what to do when they first start their business. So, because of a lack of knowledge and training, they try to "sell" their product, business or service! They tell customers that their product is the greatest product since sliced bread, their company can't be beat and that their service is truly the best in the universe.

Hopefully, you recognize the problem here. Their customer feels the exact same way that I did when I was trying to get out of that furniture store. Their customer feels as if they are being sold and they hate it!

So, what ever does a new business owner do? Again, the answer is simple: They should never, ever sell! And, since over 90% of our population hates the idea of selling, this should be a huge relief!

The successful business owner needs to make a paradigm shift in his or her thinking. Instead of selling, she needs to be teaching. Research suggests that people tend to follow leaders and those who have a powerful knowledge base. (A quick peek back in history supports this notion as well!)

If your desire is huge and unstoppable success, then you must begin the process of teaching your customers rather than selling them. Again, this doesn't need to be a daunting thought! You can accomplish this through a brief report on your website, a short e-book, a 10-day e-course or publishing an ezine.

If you move into the role of a teacher, you will find that people will flock to your business like never before! Remember, teaching is your key to success!

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