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Ensuring Employee Training is a Success
By Tony Jacowski

Determining the needs for employee training is the first step you must take before you run out and purchase a bunch of classes for your staff. In order to determine the needs of the organization you might need to ask staff members and management. Addressing the current and future company needs will also help determine which training courses are best for the company. If you are planning an implementation of a new email system that is entirely different than the current one that has been used for 20 years then training would be vital. When you determine the need for employee training, the big question at hand is how the training will benefit the business.

Once you know which courses to provide to staff members, you will need to determine how the training will take place. Are you going to hire an instructor to teach the information in a classroom like setting? This means you will need to find someone that can teach the class. You might even have an employee in-house who is skilled enough to teach other people. Some organizations like to provide training to staff members through instructional materials or books, and even through online classes. Be sure when you choose the method of training, you are positive it is of top quality. A poor quality training session will be a waste of money and company time.

Employee training requires the right environment. Not all employees can sit at their computer and take a class. There may be too many distractions in their department and the environment may not be right. If you plan on holding an online training session, your company might need a training room that is quiet and a peaceful learning environment. The space you provide for training is important. This also includes having enough space. If you plan on having a training session with 30 people in a room with a speaker providing the training, be sure you have a room big enough to be comfortable for your employees, but small enough that everyone can clearly hear the speaker.

The best way to ensure your training is successful is to starting out small. Create a test training group. If you are planning a mass training session across the entire organization then you must start out on a small level with only a few people. Using only a few people can help you determine if you have chosen the right training program that is the most effective for the organization, of top quality, and if the space provided is appropriate. Confirming these three factors will ensure the employee training you set up is a success.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions - Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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