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What Makes You Unique?
by Duncan Brodie

What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? You might be a wizard with technology. Perhaps you could be the expert source of knowledge that everyone flocks to for advice on sales. Alternatively you might have the personal qualities that inspire everyone around you.

So how might you discover your uniqueness?

1. Record your greatest achievements and ask yourself what skills, knowledge and personal attributes that helped you get results

2. Take some psychometric tests to get some objective assessment. In selecting tests, make sure they cover not just intelligence but also personality traits

3. Ask those that manage you, your peers and those that you manage for feedback

4. Ask your customers for feedback. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that if you don't work in customer services or sales you don't have customers. Anyone you provide something for is a customer

5. Ask your suppliers for feedback

6. Ask your family for feedback. Get them to consider where you really make a contribution

7. Ask your friends for feedback. What do they really like about you, what do they see in you that you maybe cannot see yourself

8. If you do voluntary or community work, ask those you interact with for feedback

9. Keep a success or highlights journal. Record in detail what happened and what enabled you to be at your best

10. Write a 30 second pitch for a brand new product called you

Go on, give it a go and start to be amazed as you discover the brilliant you.

Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals to be great leaders. Access free tips for developing your leadership qualities by signing up for his free monthly newsletter at

Duncan Brodie may be contacted at


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