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Unleash Your Energy
by Kevin Eikenberry

Since experts say we all are truly complex bundles of energy, it makes sense to think about how we can manage, use and increase the amount of energy in our bodies and minds. Because when we are better energy managers, we can create better results in all areas of our lives.

The topic of personal energy is much larger than can be covered by a short article. In fact, while we should definitely think about our physical levels of energy that isn`t the point of this article. (Though I will say, eating better, eating less, exercising more and sleeping more - all things your Mother probably taught you - would be a pretty good place to start.)

Rather, in the next few words, let`s focus on gaining, refreshing and recharging your mental and emotional energy - because when you do you`ll become happier, less stressed and more productive.

Here are five great suggestions:

Unload your worries. Worry is one of the great energy sucks in life. When you look logically at the things you are worried about you will notice a couple of things: many (perhaps most) will never come true, and some are completely out of your control. As you unload yourself of these worries you begin to recharge your mind and soul! If there are things you are worried about that you can control, stop worrying and start taking action. That action will create more energy and relieve the energy drain caused by the worry. Unload your worries today.

Undo a wrong. Have someone you need to apologize to? Have something, large or small, weighing on your mind? All of that is wasted mental and emotional energy - all energy that can be recaptured by taking the steps to rectify or apologize or whatever else is needed. Only you know what it is, and when you do it, you`ll be replenished with energy almost immediately. Undo that wrong.

Uncalendar some of your time. OK, so uncalendar may not be a word, but you know what I mean! If you want to recharge and create new energy in your life, you must change your pace and your plans. Take a few things off your calendar, or simply schedule more time for yourself rather than everyone and everything else. This isn`t a selfish act. In fact, as you recharge and create more energy, you are better able to help and serve others. Uncalendar!

Unleash your imagination, hopes and dreams. Think more expansively; think more positively. This is one of the best things you can do with the time you just gave yourself by uncalendaring. Spend time in goal setting, goal planning and creative thinking. Open your mind up to new ideas, approaches and more. When you do you will find energy streaming into your life in amazing quantities. The energy is already there; it`s ready for you when you unleash your mind.

Unplug yourself. In most cases, energy requires plugging something in - it`s hard to power the toaster without electricity! In our lives today we are plugged in in so many wonderful ways - to phones for instant communication, to the internet for connection and information and productivity and much more. I`m guessing you have multiple technological tools you use every day. And at least one (or more) that you use multiple times each hour. As valuable as these devices and appliances are, they can become energy drains too. Choose to turn off your phone, shut down your laptop, and not worry about the news for a day or two. You can do this by going away to a more secluded place, or you can do it by hitting the off button. Create more energy in your life, by tapping into different energy when you unplug from some others. Choose to unplug.

An important note: This has been written from a personal perspective. As a leader it is important to recharge for yourself, so you`ll be a better and leader . . . and because it`s an important to encourage your team members to reduce stress and recharge themselves too. If you believe the actions you just read will increase your energy, teaching and modeling these ideas to others is a great way to lead and make a difference for others - increasing productivity in the process.

Remarkable leaders know that they lead best when they are taking care of themselves. One of the ways you can feed yourself and remain on the path of growth and improvement is by participating in The Remarkable Leadership Learning System - a one skill at a time, one month at a time approach to becoming a more confident and successful leader. Get $748.25 worth of leadership development materials including two months of that unique system as part of Kevin Eikenberry’s Most Remarkable Free Leadership Gift Ever today at Kevin is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, consultant and the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group (



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