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You Can Use Motivational Quotes To Create Positive Changes

by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

Many people benefit from the use of motivational quotations in building positive thinking and positive attitudes.

How Motivational Quotations Help

I sometimes think of quotations as a form of poetry abstracted from prose.

One of the things you learn from poetry is that a few brief words -- well-chosen -- can have a powerful effect. A poet takes one idea and turns it into an emotional force that can encourage, elate, delight, anger, amuse, inspire grief or any other reaction you can name.

Quotations work the same way. A speaker or writer may be attempting to explain, demonstrate, teach, exhort or call to action. Suddenly, amidst a great number of other words, you may find a single sentence or two that wraps a valuable idea into a brief, enduring agent of inspiration, insight, or motivation to change.

If you extract those sentences as a quotation, you can get that impact again and again. Without having to wade through all the other words.

For motivation, the best quotes are positive quotes. That is, quotes that help you feel and believe that there are good things awaiting us or available to you. That you have power to bring good things into your life.

In short, motivational quotations support positive thinking. Positive thinking creates positive feeling and behavior.

How To Use Motivational Quotations

Think of motivational quotations as positive affirmations. Gather sets of motivational quotations and surround yourself with them as you would surround yourself with positive, successful, wise or happy people. The quotations are famous because the people who said them (or wrote them) had some wisdom, insight, success or happiness to share.

Write the quotations on cards and keep a pack of them in your pocket to read throughout the day. Put them on PostIt® notes and stick them on your mirror to look at first thing in the morning and last thing every night. Post them on your computer. Get daily motivational quotes delivered to your email. Visit quote websites and read until you find something that moves you.

If you have the ability, use an image editing program to put inspiring images together with motivational quotes and post those around your home and office. Or buy ready-made posters that inspire you.

But remember, all of this is to support the development of positive thinking habits. All by itself, this is not what causes change. You have to actually start acting in more positive ways. Every day. And never stop.

Where To Find Motivational Quotations

Of course, there are endless sources of quotations on quotation websites. And those are a good start.

However, the best motivational quotes come from the people who inspire you most. So, read or watch videos or listen to audios of those people. While you're reading, watching or listening, keep a notepad to record the ideas that spark you. Ideas that make you want to go do something. You're not limited to just writing them down. Make clips of the audio or video to later playback for your personal enjoyment.

You are also not limited to current writers and speakers. Read classics and extract your own quotes. Listen to audios made from the classics -- you can find a lot of free ones at sites like LibriVox,, and I don't mean just classic non-fiction, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, but great fiction as well. There is also much inspiration and motivation to be found in actual poetry. Or fables. Or parables.

The quotes that work best for inspiring you and motivating you are the ones that are tailored specifically to you. Go find them.


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