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What To Tweet About -- 5 Tips For The Small Business Owner
by Jessica Swanson

There are countless topics within your industry to Tweet about. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. First and foremost, don't forget that your Tweets can never be deleted; they exist in the Twitter universe forever and ever. So, don't Tweet anything that you wouldn't want your sweet, little-old grandma to read!

In addition, if you want to become a bonafide Twitter rockstar, then each of your Tweets should contain ONE of the following FIVE elements:

1) Educational. It's vital that some of your Tweets offer educational value to your followers. This can be a tip, link to a blog post, or a new strategy that you want to share. As you begin Tweeting educational Tweets to your followers, it won't take long before you are viewed as an expert in your particular industry.

2) Interesting. No boring tweets allowed! There's only so many times that you can announce what you had for breakfast before your followers start yawning and pushing the unfollow button. So, even though you want your posts to be squeaky-clean and positive, stay away from Tweets that only your kids would find interesting.

3) Funny. Tweets that are funny are always a refreshing change from the norm and will never go out of style. Try telling a joke in your industry or relating a story that will make your followers chuckle. Laughter is great marketing medicine.

4) Interactive. There's nothing more important on Twitter than interacting with your followers. You can do this on a casual level by asking them questions, replying to their comments or RTing interesting Tweets. Or, you can take it a step further and engage your audience with fun Twitter quizzes and polls. It's important to remember that the main reason you are on Twitter is to engage with your followers.

5) Arouse Curiosity. Once in a while, you want to ask a titillating question or make an intriguing statement that will compel your followers to take action and discover the answer. One simple way you can do this is by asking them an interesting question and then directing them to the answer in your blog post. The main point is that you want to entice your followers to take action and click over to a blog post, article, video, podcast or your website.

No matter what you Tweet about, it's essential that your tweets are relevant to your followers. If you make a point to make each Tweet educational, interesting, funny, interactive or titillating, you will be well on your way to a virtual PhD in Twittering.

Jessica Swanson may be contacted at

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