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The Why Cafe
by John Strelecky
Review by C.S. Clarke, Ph.D.

The first thing I did when I finished reading The Why Cafe was go to and order copies for each of my two brothers and one of my sisters, as well as for two of my friends.

John Strelecky takes three of the most profound questions ordinary people are likely to consider: Why am I here? Do I fear death? Am I fulfilled? He shows the circumstances wherein we're most likely to start asking ourselves these questions. He strips away the mental posturing and pretension many might use to ponder them. He gets right down to the basic, simple and most honest ways to think about those uncomfortable issues. And he does it within the context of a story that is very reminiscent of the old TV show "Twilight Zone." (Except that the only major abnormality in the story is the intellectual honesty of the people in the cafe.)

The Why Cafe does one of the most important jobs a book can do -- it shows you how you can think about the most important issues in your life. It doesn't make up rules about what those issues are or what you should think about them. It just gives you three of the questions that have great impact on each of us personally and illustrates how you might seek the answers. Where you go from there and what other questions you ask are up to you.
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