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The ebooks and reports on this page are a mixture of all kinds: old and new, classics and little-knowns, public domain and copyrighted, free and paid, download-able here or recommended on other sites (like Amazon.) What they all have in common is that they contribute specific ideas and information that apply to improving human performance and productivity. They may apply on a personal level. They may apply to career development. They may apply to finding a job. They may apply to management performance or performance management. They may apply to starting or running a small business or solo entrepreneurial endeavor. As a great bonus, some may be products that you can re-publish as your own.

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Good Old Books (Pre-1922 Public Domain) [ 1 ]

These are oldies but goodies published before 1923 and in the public domain in the United States. As such, you can not only download and read them, you can republish them in any way you want. So, they increase your performance and productivity not only through the information in them, but also by providing you with material you can use on your own websites or in your own books and ebooks. (If you are not in the U.S., you must check your country's laws regarding public domain.)

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Some good old business-related books:

The Art of War. SunTzu.There is more than one translation of Sun Tzu's famous book. And a number of people have edited it and/or annotated it. The copy I've chosen for you is a plain one, without annotations. Although it is obviously a treatise on military tactics and strategies, it's been extremely popular to apply its ideas to business politics, tactics and strategies. Naturally, lawyers have also found it useful.

The Wealth of Nations. Adam Smith. Adam Smith's famous compendium of economics. It is often quoted, misquoted and woefully misinterpreted to support some misunderstanding of economics. Your best defense is to read it for yourself.

The Prince. Machiavelli. Of course you've heard of Machiavelli's "The Prince." But unless you've read it and analyzed it yourself, you don't know it. One of the reasons that it's often thought of as immoral, even sometimes evil advice is that it was banned by the powers that be of the Catholic Church at the time. But it is actually a good description of the political realities of his day and there are many ideas that apply well to corporate politics of these days.

The Principles of Scientific Management. Frederick Winslow Taylor. Written during the industrial revolution, this book by Frederick Taylor was also revolutionary in trying to bring science to the practice of management. He was a pioneer in the realm of human performance improvement, although there are a number of flaws in his ideas. If you understand the era and the philosophies of business and employee relations of his era, you'll understand where he made mistakes. But as part of the history of management development, this is an interesting document.

The Art of Money-Getting. P.T. Barnum -- who did not say "there's a sucker born every minute" -- wrote this book, or more accurately, pamphlet on becoming successful at earning money. His advice is unexpectedly conservative, practical, accurate, useful and wise. It's a quick read.

Newer, New and Free eBooks

These are books I have the right to make available to you because of one of the following reasons:

1. I wrote it myself;
2. I acquired PLR rights and rewrote it myself;
3. I rewrote and updated it from public domain material;
4. I acquired PLR rights, or other resale/giveaway rights and didn't rewrite it.

There also may be some books to which I have no rights, but that I've reviewed and summarized and then linked to as recommended free books on other sites.

New and Recommended Ebooks

You can't download the following books directly from this site. You'll find most of them on Amazon. I just give you a summary and review and link you to them. (Some of them may be mine!)



[ 1 ] Notice: To the best of my knowledge and research, all the books I am giving away here are in the public domain or I have acquired the rights to them from their authors (such as PLR). If I have been misled and you believe you have the rights to any of the material below, please let me know. Email me as webmaster at superperformance.com.


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