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Link Directory: Experts and Advice Related Resources
Able2Know - Ask an Expert - Ask an expert at this knowledge exchange where experts answer one's questions. Features discussions on diverse topics. - Volunteer experts answer all your questions.
Ampleo - Offers emailed responses to inquiries compiled by researchers.
Answerbag - User-submitted questions and answers on any topic whatsoever. Answers are rated, so users can see which answers and users are trusted.
The - United Kingdom based question and answer site with weather, crosswords, quizzes and horoscopes.
Ask a Chef - Questions answered about cooking from volunteer expert chefs.
Advice Trader - Buy, sell and trade advice and information.
AnswerSquad - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other tech support questions answered by published experts for a yearly fee. Includes signup information and author/expert profiles.
Ask The Doctor - Fee based program to ask a physician for opinions related to medical conditions.
AskEarth - Researchers answer questions on any topic for a fee determined by the submitter.
Ask A Linguist - Post a question involving language to a panel of linguists; browse and search past answers.
Ask A+ Locator - Use the search tool here to find quality educational "Ask An Expert" sites. All sites are screened before being entered in this database.
ask BAR - Ask questions and get free expert answers from real people in almost any topic.
Ask Me Help Desk - Become an expert or ask an advisor about subjects such as homework help or interview questions at this question-and-answer community.
Ask The Inventors - Free help for first-time inventors about how to go from idea to patenting, marketing and licensing. - The AskAnOwner community gives consumers the opportunity to ask direct questions to users of products and services. They can expect honest and direct answers to there questions.
Ask Dr. Lucy - Ask a Fulbright Scholar and professional educator a question related to teaching, learning or instructional design.
Ask Winnie - Ask questions regarding effective communication in our high tech world. - Dr. S is an educational psychologist and college faculty member who will answer questions about educating children, public schools, or any educational issue in general.
Answerland (OR) - Oregon's Live Information Service, email or chat live with a reference librarian.
Ask a Librarian - Electronic reference library combining resources of the UK's public libraries. Ask questions and check the archives for previous answers.
Ask A Geologist - Do you have a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes, or rivers? A service of the earth scientists at USGS.
Ask a Marine Science Expert - Email your question after checking the archive of previous questions and answers.
Ask a Rocket Scientist - Explains design, technology, aerodynamics, history, space travel, and other topics related to aerospace engineering.
Ask A Scientist - You can ask a scientist a question on the WWW MadSciNet: The 24-hour exploding laboratory.
Ask A Scientist About Liquid Crystals - A starting point for students and teachers interested in liquid crystals and the science and mathematics from which they arise: physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, polymer science, display engineering and information management.
Ask a Volcanologist - All things volcano related, plus archives of previous questions.
Ask An Aviculture Expert - Birds and bird care questions. Not a substitute for a trip to the vet.
Ask an Earth Scientist - Experts at the U of Hawaii answer questions about volcanoes and igneous rocks, earthquakes and seismology, natural disasters, geochemistry, the environment, pollution, hydrology and water quality, minerals, gems and crystals, geophysics, sediments and sedimentary rocks, and just plain ol' geology.
Ask Bob Treat - Answers to questions in the natural, social and computer sciences from Bob Treat. Post your question and you'll usually get a response within 24 hours.
Ask Dr. Global Change - He stands ready to answer your most difficult questions about global change on planet Earth. Archives are available.
Ask Dr. Universe - Dr. Universe has a whole university full of experts ready to tackle your question on any subject. Explore the question of the day, and longer featured answers.
Ask Mr. Water Wizard - Do you have questions about water? Questions about water quality in some nearby stream or lake? About drinking water? About water quality testing? About aquatic life such as fish, turtles, snakes, and insects, in your local waterways? Mr. Water Wizard can help.
Ask Shamu - Ask and read archives of questions and answers. Mainly about marine biology and the environment.
Ask The Space Scientist - Ask a question and check out the extensive archives for the many questions asked at this site.
Auburn University (AL) - Ask a Librarian email reference service for the faculty, staff and students of Auburn University.
The Board of Wenches - A group of people who answer all non-trivial questions.
BumperBrain - Aims to put people who are seeking information in direct contact with other people who have the answers.
BCC Writing Lab Virtual Tutor - Submit questions about grammar, punctuation, word usage, and the English language to the writing lab at Bellvue Community College, Bellevue, WA.
The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ - The manuscript editing department of the University of Chicago Press answers questions regarding writing style and manuscript preparation.
Computer Help Center - Helpful Answers to your Computer and Internet-related Questions.
Curious about Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer! - Browse archives of previous questions and answers, or submit a question to be answered by astronomers at Cornell University.
Collaborative Live Reference Services - Listing of collaborative live reference services
CIO Magazine's Ask the Expert Series - Pose questions to industry leaders. Specific questions will be selected to be answered by each month's expert. Responses will appear during the last two weeks of each month.
Dave's ESL Cafe Help Center - Assistance for English as a Second Language students with questions about grammar, writing, vocabulary, idiom, slang, or related problems, presented by David Sperling.
Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee - Advice from M.D. and Ph.D. on health, family, relationships, etiquette, fashion, movies.
Dr. Phil - Official site of Dr. Phil McGraw. Includes a biography, events and tour schedule, online tests, a newsletter and contact details.
The Educator's Reference Desk Archives - A sample collection of responses to questions that were sent to the AskERIC service between 1992-2003. These responses may include ERIC citations, Internet sites, discussion groups, and/or print resource information. These archive responses are no longer being updated.
EduFax - Ask The Expert - Provides individualized counseling for educational placement from pre-school through graduate school, for re-entry and adult learners, and for the American and international student.
European Experts Exchange - Multilingual experts offer their feedback on common open-source applications, inlcuding PHP and MySQL.
The Expert Network - Get expert advice from one of our many local professionals across the United States. Some experts may charge a fee.
Experts Exchange - Ask questions about all things related to computers. You must register/login before you can participate at this site.
Email Reference Sites - A list of library sites which have forms for submitting questions by email. Some have archives of previous questions and answers.
Florida International University (FL) - Email or chat with a FIU Reference Librarian.
Free Library of Philadelphia (PA) - The Free Library of Philadelphia answers reference questions via an email form and live chat. - Expert Advice Center - A dozen experts answer questions on parent educational topics such as homeschooling, gifted and talented education, learning disabilities, add and adhd, family therapy, school, and pediatrics.
Find an Ask An Expert Site - Nicely organized index of sites where you can ask an expert.
Go Ask Alice - Question and answers on many topics, with a health focus. From Columbia University's Health Education Program, with a searchable database.
Google Answers - Live researchers answer your questions on any topic for a fee.
The Grammar Curmudgeon - An editor and English professor answers questions about grammar, writing, and English as a Second Language free of charge.
Grammar Now - Answers to grammar, usage, composition, and editing questions free of charge. Proofreading and editing services also offered for a fee.
Globe Alive - Searchable database of experts standing by to help you.
How Things Work - Ask about almost anything related to the physical world, and check the well-organized archives for answers to previous interesting questions.
HelpShare - Online marketplace facilitating the exchange of money for fast solutions. Anyone can post a question and anyone can answer.
Internet Public Library - Volunteer librarians answer general questions or provide starting places for research at the IPL Reference Center.
Infomarkets - An online information market that anonymously matches seekers of information with providers of information. Experts get paid by charging fees for their answers.
KANAnswer (KS) - This statewide virtual reference project serves Kansas residents and answers questions about Kansas for non-residents.
Kasamba - Gives users direct access to experts in a wide range of categories. Offers full sound and video facilities in addition to e-mail and chat.
Kansas City Public Library (MO) - Email form for asking reference questions of Kansas City Public librarians.
Kenton County Public Library (KY) - Information Station is an online live referencesite where real librarians answer your general reference questions.
Kentucky Virtual Library (KY) - Online form to submit questions to the librarians at the Kentucky Virtual Library.
Kids Help Phone - Provides help to children in Canada on a variety of issues, such as relationships, school, bullying, suicide, and abuse.
Lappponica - Northern information search (SE) - Information on Lapland, North Calotte and Barents Euro-Arctic, sami people. Provided via email by libraries and museums in Lapland. In Finnish, English and Swedish.
Library of Congress (DC) - An online reference service (via email) from the Library of Congress. Live chat available for certain subject areas.
Literacy Matters - Literacy training and resources, lesson plans, advice, and news.
Nashville Public Library (TN) - Nashville librarians provide reference services via phone or email. Also chat live with a librarian with video, audio, and co-browsing capabilities.
National Library Board of Singapore - Electronic reference source providing brief factual answers or pointers to more in-depth information.
National Library of Scotland - Global, web-based reference service from the National Library of Scotland.
New York State Library (NY) - Guidelines for users submitting reference questions to the New York State Library via email.
Newton Gresham Library (TX) - Online reference services (email and chat) for students, faculty, and staff of Sam Houston State University, TX.
Nadlan Info - Panel of construction experts responds to questions about civil engineering, architecture, interior design, and plumbing.
NEWTON Bulletin Board System - Ask-a-scientist service designed for K-12 teachers and their students - operated by the Argonne Nat'l. Laboratory, Div. of Educational Programs
Physlink - Ask Experts Physics and Astronomy Questions - Ask questions and check out the archives, organized by topic.
Providence Public Library (RI) - Answers to brief, factual questions and assistance with search strategies via a web form.
Santa Monica Public Library (CA) - Librarians at Santa Monica Public will answer questions via email or fax.
Science Questions & Answers - Expert responses to questions on biology, chemistry, geology, and other branches of science.
ScienceNet - A free science information service, staffed by scientists who are expert in explaining complex topics in everyday language. Search the online database of previously answered questions. If you can't find an answer then send your question via e-mail.
Seattle Public Library (WA) - Seattle Public Library's Quick Information Center offers phone, email and live chat reference service.
Southwest Minnesota State University Library - During the academic year, reference librarians are willing to answer short reference questions by e-mail.
State Library of Tasmania - Form for submitting a reference enquiry to the State Reference Service in Tasmania.
Stumpers-L - A networking resource for reference questions that have people, in essence, stumped. Sponsored by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University, Stumpers-L was founded as an email-based resource where reference librarians can help each other find the answers to difficult questions, but anyone can join.
PointAsk - Register to ask and answer questions. Gain points for good ones.
Since You Ask - Ask any question, researchers will find the answer and post it on the page.
Students Only - Site answers specific academic questions for students at any level in any academic area. There is absolutely no charge for this service.
UKExpert - A discussion site with a large team of expert moderators and members making up its community. It also has live news, polls, and a photographs section.
Wondir - This nonprofit service combines metasearch with answers from experts. Results are served in panels: related web sites, news groups, news articles, people to ask, and questions with answers.
The Writer's BBS: International Writers Community - Offers free homepages for authors and poets. Chat online with writers, or post questions in the writers' forum.
Yahoo Group: Science Help- Ask questions about biology, physics and chemistry.
Your Jewish Fairy Godmother - Offers inspiration, marketing ideas, research, and negotiating.
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