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Links Page: Management Science Related Resources
ActiveStrategy - Offers performance measurement and management appraisal tools. Features products, clients, and news. Balanced Scorecard software and consulting.
Advanced Institute of Management Research - Much of AIM's research explores issues associated with Sustained Innovation, Promising Practice and Productivity and Performance.
Applied Management Sciences Institute - Management "think-tank" that conducts research, publishes books and articles, and provides training on all aspects of organizational management.
Australian Institute of Management - Offers Professional and Organisational Development for corporations or business.
Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management - Valuable background and implementation advice on the subjects of Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management can be found in these articles written by Paul Niven.
Basic Management - Basic management skills for new managers or those moving into the field
British Columbia Institute - Serves as a liaison between the members and the National office.
Canadian Institute of Management - Create and support a CIM designation that will be both nationally recognized and a requirement to work in management in Canada.
Complex Society, UK - A focal point for people in the UK interested in complex systems and complexity science, especially as applied to managing organisations.
Crisisnavigator - an international Internet guide to crisis management, crisis communications, issues management, risk management and disaster management.
The Decalogue and the Theory of Constraints - An approach to management.
Decision Science Center - Partners with companies to consult in the areas of optimal business decisions across industries.
EconomiaAziendale2000web - Offers to academics, lecturers, business operators and students, a space for the publications of ideas, proposals, models, instruments and programmes.
GT ISLIG -- Greater Toronto Information Systems Local Interest Group - The preferred professional Information Systems/Information Technology Project Management supporting organization in Greater Toronto.
Infography about Management Science -- Mathematical Models - Sources recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of the mathematical models of management science.
Interact: Understanding and Management of Complexity - A methodology for social systems design, and the understanding of complex problems ('messes'), whether in business organizations, society or government.
The Internet Organization Chart - Resources to enhance productivity with improved planning, cost cutting, quality improvement, and reduced cycle times. Based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program.
12manage - Explaining over 300 management methods, models and theories in 12 management categories. - Business Transformation which promotes a motivated, innovative workforce through transformation of management.
Morale in the Workplace - What is morale? Who is responsible for it and how do you improve it?
New Economy Enterprise Best Management Practice - Facilitates the knowledge exchange, and further development of SEM best practice. - resources and tools needed by business owners and managers.
SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management - The SEI Center seeks to identify and understand trends in management practice and their impact and to design and implement research programs to meet the future needs of management.
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