Three new articles for fun and profit

I’ve written and published three articles since I last posted here. Two you’ll find on, and one has been published on

In “Gestures Don’t Have To Be Grand To Be Impressive — Or Profitable,” I talk about the ways in which you can do kind, generous, thoughtful things that deeply touch others. These are actions that are intended to benefit the other person without any strings attached. Yet, despite the fact that you do it without any particular expectation of return — that is, the primary reward is in the action — you almost always get other valuable returns. And if you do it as part of your business practices, you always profit in amazing, unplanned ways.

“Human Performance — The Three Essential Issues Made Easy for Business,” describes the critical factors in the study of human performance. They are actually quite easy to understand and simple to apply. They are necessary to the successful functioning of your organization.

How many confusing presentations you’ve heard on theories of human performance, performance management or human performance technology? Do you really get all the complicated terminology and convoluted details?

Here’s the short, sweet, untangled version of the basic, practical ideas.

The article I sent to “Image-Based Products – Easy and Consistent Profit Makers,” gives an overview of the business opportunities in creating such products.

By image-based products, I mean physical products that are based on photography, graphics and artwork. Such products might include printed tee-shirts, cards, stationery, journals, notebooks, ornaments, mugs — anything you might see on customized printing sites — and more. I’ve recommended specific image-based products to you several times in this blog and in other articles on

I like to recommend them for solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses because they are so easy to get started with and for one person to produce, market and ship. Not to mention that there are so many outlets for selling them both online and off.